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UWMC Data Theft Victim Community

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seattle61 @ 08:29 pm: Emailed the UWMC
I e-mailed Ellen Rubin, the UWMC's Privacy Officer. She's the one who signed the letter notifying us of the security breach. I guess I'm hoping they'll give us some assistance...like Boeing did for its workers. I sent her links to Boeing's documents...I would expect at least as much from UWMC.

Haven't heard anything back, but it has only been 1 day. They are probably still trying to figure things out..probably haven't even read my e-mail yet.

I'm still wondering why it took them 10 days to send us a letter. I was just looking at the docs online regarding the University of Texas security breach a couple years ago...they notified folks the day after it happened. Why did UWMC wait?

Sorry, not trying to bash them. I'm sure there are a lot of details that come into play. These are just observations and open questions that I think need to get answered.

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