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seattle61 @ 07:16 pm: called the hotline today--and heard from Ellen Rubin--Website in Process
Finally noticed that there is a hotline number to call...it was right there in the letter all along
206-598-2600. (ok, I didn't "finally" notice it...I got an e-mail from Ellen Rubin, UWMC privacy officer who pointed it out to me.)

The person who answered was VERY helpful. I must have been half asleep Friday night when I was watching the newes. I thought they'd said 16,000 patients were in the database on the laptops. It was only 1600!!! Boy we're part of a more exclusive club than I'd thought!!

I was also curious what exactly had happened...here's what I understand from what he told me.

The small (1600) sampling of names was for an internal audit. The sampling was "date" based, so I'm guessing everyone affected probably went in to the Travel Medicine Center sometime in the summer like me. A new employee was handling the laptops and boss was out of town..had some problems with server and no one to help her. So the laptops were left out with the information on them (though password protected), completely against normal protocol. The forced entry was via crowbar, per police.

Well, like I said, heard from Ms. Rubin today. She informs me that they ARE indeed working on setting up a website and will notify us as soon as it is ready. Very good news.

That's the latest.

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