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UWMC Data Theft Victim Community

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seattle61 @ 04:57 pm: Official UWMC Data Privacy Update Web Site
The new website is up as promised.


However, there is nor real "news" here. So far it is just a FAQ to give us more info, I noticed that it does NOT give a couple of details I was able to obtain from their hotline.

1. what the data base was being used for --an internal audit

2. that it was a new employee who did something against protocol in terms of how or where the laptops were left because her boss was not available when she had some kind of problem.)

I need to go over things a bit more carefully to see if there is anything else to highlight.

I DID see that one of the data fields includes our place of birth, so I've called my state's vital records division, and asked for the person who is involved in fraud prevention...don't want them fraudulently obtaining a birth certificate.

They will be sending me a form to fill out. Once I receive it, I'll let you know if there are any concerns about whether that will really protect me...or if there are still loopholes.

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