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seattle61 @ 12:26 am: I put a fraud alert on my account at Experian Today
Once I did that I was immediately qualified to get a credit report online, which I've printed for my UW Data Theft File.

You only have to file 1 Fraud alert, and that goes out to all the other credit reporting agencies. However, Experian's site was most forthcoming about that giving me the immediate right to a credit report. Go to the link I've listed on the community blog for more information.

The next step was to purchase 3 in 1 monintoring. This will notify me within 24 hours if anyone checks my credit or a new account shows up on my credit. That way I don't have to obsessively purchase credit reports all the time. It cost 9.95 to buy just one month. I'm hoping by then, UWMC will step up to the plate like Boeing did for its employees and purchase monitoring for all of us. Boeing is paying for 3 years of monitoring.

If you want to see details of what Boeing did, see the link on our blog page.

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